About us

FlohoThings is an Aruban design and apparel business. The designs are inspired by the nature and culture of the beautiful island Aruba. The idea was to create something unique, but familiar, for the locals of the Dutch Caribbean islands. We also thought of those who are far away from home, who would love to have a piece of home with them and can show how proud they are of their island.

For our non-Papiamento speaking peeps, "floho" means lazy. We chose this word 'cause on the island we're always in a chill mood and take things easy peasy lemon squeezy.

FlohoThings is all for being INCLUSIVE! Our designs are for everyone no matter your shape, color, gender, age or sexual orientation. We love all of you! 

All the designs are hand-drawn and later digitalised. So far we offer T-shirts, face masks, hoodies and hats. Keep your eyes open for more... things ;) 


Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you love our designs! 

Cu hopi amor, 




Meet our Floho founder!

Mandy was born and raised on the One Happy Island, Aruba. She has always been the creative type, especially in music and art. She currently doesn't reside on Aruba though, she's living in The Netherlands to further pursue her education. While back home on Aruba for an internship, she started drawing some doodles of her environment. This eventually led to the creation of FlohoThings!